I want to Interview YOU

If you’re reading this over your cup of coffee this morning, thinking you’re just an average observer of the world–pay attention!

As a budding blogger/writer I want to interview YOU!  I believe that people from all walks of life need to be represented in the media.  I don’t care if you have a bland job at McDonalds or you’re living in your mum’s basement.  Everybody views what’s going on in the world differently. What bothers you about other people or your government? Do you strongly believe pancakes are better than waffles? Do you have a hilarious and shocking story? A wise insight from experience? Maybe you have a unique business, hobby, blog, or an opinion you want to share with the world. No matter how boring you think you are, I promise, you are important!

Comment below, I’d love to ask you some questions via email. If I interview you, your words and your voice will be published online and the world will know about you, the fascinating “average Joe” that you are.



  1. Jay · October 21, 2015

    Go for it. I love exchanging ideas.


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