My Ego has been Thoroughly Stroked

Image courtesy of cbenjasuwan at

Image courtesy of cbenjasuwan at

Every day I check out my site stats… And I am just gushing!  Every day, more of you guys(and gals and everything in between) are liking, commenting, and following. Even if you’re just viewing this post, I am glad you’ve lent your eyeballs to my content.  The first day I posted stuff I worried, “how is anyone even going to find me?”  Well, not to worry, they just will. And they did. And somehow, through the magic of the internet, you guys are reading this little mewling blog.

Don’t lose heart if your new project/website/blog has 0 views–patience and a little elbow grease can make it happen.


(yes, that is insanely cheesy, but also insanely helpful)

If you really, really want to speed up the discovery of your blog by other people, I have 2 pieces of advice from a new blogger:

  1. Participate in the online community.  Do you see that bar at the top of the page? It should be a bright blue color. The Reader button is the best way to “network” and make some blogging buddies. Follow some blogs, write some kind comments, and tell people you appreciate them. Being nice to other writers is the best publicity.  And you’ll meet some really cool people!
  2. Have good content, every day.  To build up a reader base you need to provide people with something of yours to look forward to every day.  Soon, they will become addicted to you, seeking out your awesomeness.  Then, they are yours! MUAHAHAHAHA! YOU ARE ALL UNDER MY BLOGGING SPELL! Ahem–uhhhhh… yeah….

I’m just a little bit overexcited about all this… Anyways; Have an awesome day, week, night, whatever.  Thank you all and keep being your awesome unique self!



  1. Jay · October 24, 2015

    “Just keep swimming Nemo.”. Or, “just keep blogging”. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Green Muse · October 27, 2015



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