What’s in a Scar?

When you look at someone, and you see their face or arms covered in scars and scabs, what do you think?

Do you wonder, “how dare they show their face?”

Or maybe, “is that from a razor, or fingernails?”

Is the thought, “fat emo pig!”

or more like, “acne, gross!”

Is there pity?

Is there mercy?

Don’t you ever wait to hear what they have to say?

Her sickness isn’t catching,

but yours is.

If you’d even stick around you’d know

Her beauty, her brilliance

Her shame, and darkness

If you’d stop staring,

and start talking

And listen,

and hear

You’d know she isn’t dirty,

or cruel, or scary

You’d know

A whole lot more

And you’d be enlightened,

in another world.

Trichotillomania and Skin Picking Disorder(SPD) are a royal pain in the butt, and not many people know what it is, even when it’s in front of their eyes. Learn more here: Trichotilomania Learning Center.


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