Scarlett Johansson Ruins Best Movie Ever

As I briefly mentioned in Silly Pug Sunday #2, I was busy this weekend.  Well, I’m sort of ashamed to say why I was so busy. I was, well… Watching movies.  Now that that’s off my chest, let’s cut to the chase!  Here are the 3 best movies I’ve watched in the last week. These aren’t new movies, but they’re pretty awesome regardless.

Ghost World

Thora Birch, left, and Steve Buscemi, in Ghost World

  • Ghost WorldProbably the best coming of age story I have ever seen or read.  It stars Steve Buscemi, Thora Birch, and Scarlett Johansson.  Buscemi and Birch are awesome, but Johansson is the worst part of the movie. Sure, she’s pretty, but she can’t act.  Honestly, I don’t care how you look, but if you’re an “actor” and you got the part not because of your acting abilities, but because of your face, I’m pretty sure you’re just a model.  Thora Birch plays Enid, a recent high school graduate who just can’t seem to conform to “normal, american life”.  She can’t keep a job, and even has to re-take art class.  While struggling to find her way into the adult world, she falls into a socially unacceptable romance with Seymour(Buscemi); a lonely, and much older, man who enjoys collecting records.  The ending is abrupt, open-ended, and absolutely perfect.(Based on the graphic novel.) 4.5/5 Stars
  • The Lives of OthersThis is a German movie recommended to me by a friend, and can be watched with English subtitles.  It takes place in the GDR, around 5 years before the fall of The Wall.  Our unlikely hero is Captain Gerd Wiesler(Ulrich Muehe), a member of the Stasi(German secret police).  He is tasked with listening-in to a writer and his wife’s lives  to determine if they are a threat to Communism and the Communist agenda.  Despite them not knowing him, he knows them.  Wiesler questions his duties and decides to interfere.  Unfortunately, the ending is sickly-sweet and a huge cliché.  The dialogue is, conversely, written so well, I’d say it’s quote-worthy.  The Lives Of Others is emotionally powerful, making viewers feel Captain Wiesler’s loneliness and isolation.  This film is perfect for history-buffs who enjoy learning about Germany.  3.5/5 Stars
  • Little Boy: In case you’re questioning my sanity over my choices in movies–relax, this one’s good, clean fun for the whole family.  Little Boy is the story of a very, very small boy named Pepper. During WWII, Pepper is forced to learn about the power of belief, hatred, and kindness.  Artistic cinematography does a great job of keeping any guts and gore out of the movie.  Because of the setting of the story, I will advise that the main character refers to Asian people as “Japs”(a racial slur) for half of the movie, but I think you’ll see that it’s worth it in the end because Pepper resolves his racist feelings.  The cleverly titled(you’ll have to watch the movie) Little Boy definitely gets my seal of approval, for it is funny and interesting for both adults and young’uns, and deals with some pretty serious(and important!) issues. Also, impeccable acting on Jakob Salvati‘s part.  When your kids get to the age where they want to know what “the N word” means, rent this, and watch it together.  Little Boy is bound to start some really good conversations at home, and some hearty laughs. 3/5 Stars


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    “Lives of Others” – outstanding movie.

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