15 Crazy Candy Corn Facts

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Did you know that today is National Candy Corn Day? Delish! Here I go, serving up some funky facts about candy corn for you all. Voila:

  1. Candy corn was invented in the United States in the 1880s. That’s some old-fashioned candy!
  2. Candy corn is the cause of one of the largest candy factory disasters ever.
  3. It is (usually)gluten free, vegetarian, egg free,and dairy free. Some brands are not vegetarian, so always check the ingredients.
  4. A  piece of candy corn is actually 3 times the size of a real corn kernel.
  5. Candy corn was originally sold under the name “Chicken Feed.”
  6. This year, 9 billion kernels of candy corn will be produced.  That’s enough candy to circle the circumference of the moon 21 times if laid end-to-end!
  7. candy corn makes great fake fangs and can be used in making spooky alcoholic drinks.
  8. Throughout the year, candy corn comes in different colors and is sold(in the United States) as Indian Corn, Reindeer Corn, Cupid Corn, Bunny/Carrot Corn, and Freedom Corn. In Canada, Blackberry Cobbler Corn is sold in some regions.
  9. It’s estimated that around 90 billion pounds of candy corn are sold each year.
  10. 47 percent of people eat the candy kernel all at once while 43 percent eat the narrow, white end first and 10 percent eat the yellow end first.
  11. Candy corn is the most controversial Halloween candy.  In this study, some described it as having no flavor.
  12. Candy corn is made with 8 ingredients:  sugar, corn syrup, carnauba wax, water, fondant, food coloring, binders, and marshmallows.
  13. The Bagel Store in Brooklyn sells candy corn flavored bagels. For real.
  14. 20 Kernels of candy corn contain 140 calories.  That’s 7 calories per kernel.
  15. Celebrate National Candy Corn Day by making some sweet desserts with candy corn in them such as fudge, cupcakes, jello, candy bark, and whatever you can dream up!

Watch candy corn being made in a factory here.

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