Halloween isn’t Over!

Well, actually, it is… But for some of us, we haven’t had enough spookiness. Some people need the creepiness all year round. So, here’s a dose of Halloween inspired joy, from me to you.

Why Halloween is the Best Holiday Ever

  1. It’s ok to laugh at dark, gory things for a month
  2. Adults can put on costumes and it’s socially acceptable
  3. Cute little kids in costumes show up at your door
  4. Having candy/baked goods in the house
  5. Candy corn!
  6. Giving strangers candy and trinkets
  7. Parties

    This is the jack o' lantern I carved this Halloween. Creepy, no?

    This is the jack o’ lantern I carved this Halloween. Creepy, no?

  8. The only time you can have cobwebs all over your house as “decoration”
  9. That one time of year where your friends will watch scary movies with you
  10. Celebration of death
  11. Wearing lots of makeup, fake wounds, wigs, etc.
  12. Fake teeth that aren’t dentures!
  13. Carving pumpkins! Yay I love knives!
  14. Scary wagon rides on some random guys farm
  15. For once everyone isn’t shoving a christian tradition down your throat
  16. Getting some awful disease bobbing for apples
  17. Costume contests!
  18. People won’t kick the life out of you for wearing black/gothic looking clothing
  19. Pumpkin EVERYTHING available in every store/restaurant! #PSL lol omg pumpkin spice is life

Keep the creepiness alive, y’all! ┬áLink to your best spooky decor and jack o lanterns in the comments!