Lord Love an Artistic Lefty!

I was looking at sketchbooks online today and then I realized–I’m not going to find a sketchbook I can use.

The predicament in question.

The predicament in question.

You see, I’m left-handed. I do (almost) everything with my left hand. Around 10 percent of all people are like me.  If you’re left handed, you’ll understand what I’m talking about when I say that I can’t use sketchbooks.   A regular, spiral-bound notebook is a useful thing. Unfortunately, when you’re writing in one, your hand is uncomfortably smooshed into the binding.  This is bothersome and makes ones’ hand crampy after some time of awkwardly writing at an un-ergonomic incline.

“I nearly died when I got my pinkie caught in a spiral notebook once; thankfully there were some right-handed people with right-handed scissors nearby to save me.”

–user dnavarre @funnyjunk.com

As I love to draw, I have simply started flipping my sketchbooks upside down so that I can use them.  If you’re right handed, take a spiral-bound book and try and write or draw in it with your left hand.  Actually, I think it’s generally uncomfortable to write in any notebook with a stiff spine as a left hander. It is so freaking annoying!



Shout out to all of the lefties out there! Other things I have difficulty/discomfort with as a lefty:

  1. Scissors. I can barely use them.
  2. Computer mice. I love my laptop trackpad!
  3. The shutter button on cameras.
  4. Some musical instruments.
  5. Writing and drawing. I smudge everything!
  6. Some pencil sharpeners that are fixed in position.
  7. Opening cans.–that’s ok, I didn’t want to eat dinner anyways…

Ironically, left handed people are more likely to be artists and are generally considered more creative. So why are art-supplies right-handed?! Lefties, we need to mobilize and convince the industry to make left-handed notebooks.  We need to start up a real-life Leftorium!  By the power of the internet, I know we can do it!

Left power!



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  2. fewinaworldofmany · November 16, 2015

    Ah can openers, my dreaded enemy! I have my house set up left-hand oriented. My family hates it but I tell them I’m the one who cooks and cleans it, if they don’t like it they can set it up their way, and do it their way. This generally ends their argument. I don’t know if many other left-handed people have trouble with clocks, but if it’s not digital I can’t read it. I saw a left-handed clock one day, counter clockwise, and was able to read it perfectly. Apparently there are some websites devoted to left-handed products (like clocks, notepads, and can openers) of course they’re much more expensive and not as quick to get as simply driving to the store, but definitely worth checking out if you or someone you love is a lefty.

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    • Green Muse · November 17, 2015

      I love how challenging everyone else to cook dinner, etc. makes ’em back down. I have some trouble reading analog clocks… I take, like, ten minutes to tell the time. At which point the clock has changed and so my reading is inaccurate.


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