Justin Trudeau Stabs Feminism in the Heart

Let’s say, theoretically, you need to hire someone for a job.  There is one position, and you are stuck between choosing two candidates. Jane and John, let’s call them. Jane is a woman, John is a man. Let’s say they are identical.  When you ask them questions, they respond the exact same way. They have the same qualifications, the same experiences, the same abilities, etc. They are pretty much the same person–except for their sex(let’s assume they’re both cis-gendered people).  So who do you hire? Tell me, who?

Take a minute to ponder this can of worms I’ve just opened up. Do you hire both(assuming you have the money and room)? Jane(because she’s a woman and the company needs more women)? John(he won’t take maternity leave)? Neither to avoid the guilt of choosing?

Great, now I’ve turned the world upside down. Ok, shove all of those queries aside. Now, consider that this situation is pretty much impossible to occur in real life. So why do (some)so-called feminists pretend it occurs every day? More importantly, why does Justin Trudeau(Canada’s new Prime Minister) act like this situation happens all the time?

On Wednesday, November 4th, 2015, Justin Trudeau was sworn in as Prime Minister and announced his cabinet. Basically, he revealed who would be the ministers, and over what, for the next little while.  But there’s a catch–Trudeau promised(and delivered) that at least half of his cabinet would be female.  All over the country “feminists” praised this measure of equality.  Where’s this equality you are reveling over? I don’t see it.

Would it be fair if an intelligent, skilled man lost the bid for, let’s say, defense minister, because of his gender? Can you imagine if we just passed up the sort of person who we’d write books about years after because of their genitalia? This same argument goes for women as well.  What I’m getting at is this: this measure of “equality” is based on the idea that talent/ability is related to gender.

What I’d propose instead of mandating half female/half male cabinets is choosing whoever is best for the job.  I propose this for any job or employment situation, really.  Is one woman more skilled to be health minister than everyone else? Great, give her the spot. What if a man with years of experience in medicine is the best option? Ok then, he’s the right choice. Do you see what I’m doing here? I am weighing the value of people separate of their gender and sex(there is a difference).  This is true equality.

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I want to thank whoever reads this for showing interest in politics and, of course, feminism.


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  1. Jay · November 5, 2015

    Well stated. Check out http://www.ihaveaclutteredmind.com for my work on diversity; I think you will appreciate it.

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