Shroom Shots

As promised, here are some nature photos. If you know what any of the fungi pictured is, please tell me. I’ll update the descriptions and give you full credit for your help.  The round, apricot colored mushrooms look like crystallized ginger, don’t ya think?

If you want to use these photos, full credit must be given in the form of an acknowledgement that is easily visible where it is published.  I suggest wording it like this:”Photo courtesy of Green Muse at” You can use these photos for whatever you want, but I do want credit given where it’s due. You do not need permission for personal use(such as saving the picture on to your computer), only if it will be re-published(ie. on any website, in any print form like a newsletter).

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I think these turned out pretty well, considering my point-and-shoot camera from a billion years ago is currently on the fritz. The battery never lasts, so I’m always carrying around a couple extras! Also considering that I have absolutely no training whatsoever related to photography, I’m pretty proud of myself!


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