10 Ways to Take Care of Yourself

Another day and I’m still able to actually function. It’s pretty amazing.  You know what I’m talking about.  This virtuous thing which I speak of is the awesome feat of waking up, showering, eating a healthy breakfast, followed by getting your butt to work(or school) on time. It’s freaking incredible! For those of us who are returning to a “normal” routine, here are some important things you can do to make life better:

  1. Set an alarm. I don’t care whether it’s on your phone or your radio, just set it! Remember to go easy on yourself and set a reasonable time so that you get enough sleep.
  2. Get a back scrubber. Seriously, those things are the bomb! Your skin will thank you, and you’ll be surprised by all of the crud you’ve been missing.
  3. Vaporize essential oils. I hate air fresheners!  They give most people headaches, can irritate allergies and asthma, and it’s hard to find a scent everyone likes. There is a better alternative–essential oils. You can purchase oils and vaporizers in health stores or online.  My favorite is Lavender oil, because the smell reminds me of a garden. The scent of essential oils is gentle and makes many people feel calm.
  4. Moisturize your skin. Cold weather is on it’s way. Don’t forget to use either your favorite moisturizer or coconut oil on your hands, feet, face, and wherever you have dry skin. I love the way coconut oil smells! Once again, your skin will be grateful for the extra attention.
  5. Watch a movie. I LOVE movies.  I find they’re good at taking my mind off of other things that stress me out. Also, I don’t have to think hard when I’m watching a movie. You could also watch your favorite TV show, if you want. I find it very helpful to take a break when feeling overwhelmed and go do something totally different like watching a movie.
  6. Go out for lunch. Pick a restaurant you haven’t been to in a long time(that you really like). When it comes time to order, make sure you order one of the healthier options. For example: soup instead of pasta, vegetarian dishes instead of meat dishes, water instead of pop(soda), etc.
  7. Go for a walk. No pressure. Just go walk through a place you don’t see everyday. Don’t pressure yourself to walk a certain distance or speed! Enjoy the pretty gardens, buildings, etc.  I like to take my camera along when I go for a walk. Try and notice things about your neighbors houses, about the trees, or even the garbage in the ditch.
  8. Go out for an errand with ridiculous hair/makeup. Yes, I am telling you to pull out that fire-engine red eye shadow and wear it to the grocery store. It’s fun, and you just might get a compliment. Even if people stare at you, take pride in your perfectly curled hair or eyeliner.
  9. Hang on!

    Hang on!

    Draw. Draw to your heart’s content.  purchase a sketchbook or paper if you don’t have anything to draw on and make sure you have plenty of sharpened pencils. You could even draw outside or in a restaurant! Find some great inspiration to help you get started here: www.arttradermag.com

  10. Have a bath or shower. Not because you need to, but because it’s relaxing, of course. Wonderful hot water! And nobody can hear you singing–or can they?

And if you want one more thing to do, you can read more of this blog!