[in-kuhl-key-shuh n]
1.The act of inculcating, or teaching or influencing persistently and repeatedly so as to implant or instill an idea, theory, attitude, etc.

I’m not going to blab on and on today… I just thought I’d share this little gem with you all.  It was made a while ago, but never really got it’s due. Let’s change that!

A little taste-test of Inculcation

A little taste-test of Inculcation

Inculcation is a horror point-n-click game. It had a very Exmorits-y vibe for me, but 100 times less scary.  There are a few jump scares, but I didn’t have to play this game while peeking through my fingers.  The graphics are interesting, but could’ve been better. At first I thought the developer was trying to be edgy or unique, but then I decided the graphics were just bland after a few jumps. This could have been much scarier. You can play it in your browser for free here: