Land of the Shirtless Leaders

I bet that got your attention–didn’t it? Today I’m going to give you a heads-up on Canada’s new Prime Minister. Now if you’re american and you’re preparing to close this tab right now–don’t go away, this is gonna be fun!

Ok, so for about a decade Canada’s Prime Minister has been Stephen Harper. He’s a secretive old fuddy-duddy with lego-man hair. Seriously, is that a wig or just a tonne of product? In the past year he’s been in a tail spin, trailed by a black stream of scandal-smoke.

Now, Canadians have just elected Justin Trudeau. He has a majority government, and is majorly ridiculous.  He’s known for his fabulous hair and his overly-dramatic speech.  Think William Shatner crossed with a pirate.  Take a minute to imagine that, ok?  When the previous party in power attacked him via attack ads, they used footage of him performing a strip tease. Where the heck did that footage come from?  I’m letting you all know because THIS IS IMPORTANT STUFF–and because in the next four years there will be some hilarious goof-ups(stay tuned!).

This is Justin Trudeau.  Justin Trudeau–real change! Photo courtesy of Jane Fuller(Sunsilver) at

Despite all of my prods at his image, I am so excited that he is the PM now. This is a pretty big change. What will happen next? Will I shave all my hair off and buy a monster truck? Will there be naked dancing in the streets? Will Canadian Geese become eligible for public health care?  Who knows–anything can happen! Canada is shakin’ things up!  He could be the same old same old, or he could be a step in the right(Left) direction. This is is exciting!

More like selfie time!  Political cartoon by Gary Clement/National Post.

It’s important to remember that the Canadian electoral system is waaaaaaay different than the american system. I am willing to write another post at a later date about how it works, but only if there is demand for it. I love to babble about politics, so I do hope you guys will humor me and ask questions! John Oliver gave a funny(and easy to understand) rant from before the election that sums up a lot of things. You can watch that video here:Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Canadian Election

Politics is really important to pay attention to, otherwise somebody like Stephen Harper(or worse…) gets elected in your country. I hope that all of you speak up, write letters, vote, and most of all keep your head out of the sand!


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