Scariest Commercial Ever?

Maybe you’ve heard some people call the German “K-Fee” commercials the scariest commercials ever.  I didn’t know what this was until yesterday, but I’m glad I know now– I laughed my butt off every time! These ads actually aired on German TV.  Hmmmm, I wonder if anyone has gotten a heart attack from one yet… They’re short, shocking, and hilarious once you know what’s going to happen!

WARNING: remove all food and drink from your mouth before watching. You might want to turn down the volume… maybe.

K-fee Commercials

Spoilers Below!
Image courtesy of lekkyjustdoit at

Image courtesy of lekkyjustdoit at

Essentially, the commercial shows a calm, everyday scene. Then, a few seconds in, a monster pops up and there is a loud scream. I have to say, this is a perfect ad-campaign! Good job to the people who made it! After the scary thing pops up, there is a slogan which says something like “you have never been so awake.”

Sadly, I couldn’t find a place to purchase these online. You’re on your own, guys.  Maybe you know where to get them? Do you have a picture of this product? Have you made a spoof of the commercial that you want to share? Comment below and don’t forget to give a like!