The Ring 3/5 Stars

I really do have to give everyone who had a hand in The Ring, well, a hand.  This thrilling horror movie was entertaining despite it’s blasé beginning.

The Ring starts with two teenaged girls watching TV and talking.  One of which has seen “The Tape.” It’s rumored that there’s a tape, and if you watch it, you’ll die in seven days. I know I rolled my eyes when I saw that part.

The music is mediocre, thanks to Hans Zimmer. The acting is good; not bad nor great.  The story itself is just a regular scary story; with creepy(and pasty) children and mentally ill mothers. If I were to give you one reason why you should watch The Ring, I’d say this: it’s a feast for the eyes.

Indeed, it’s greatest feature is the presumptuous Gothic cinematography. The Ring is even aware of it’s own try-hard art film nature. After seeing “The Tape” Noah(Martin Henderson) declares, “(it’s)Very student film.”  Even though some may think it’s a silly and earnest attempt at “art,” I liked it. The Ring is obviously not an art film, and it has no deeper meaning or “take away.” Can’t The Ring have it’s glowy green-and-red lens for the sake of beauty?

I did enjoy being a tad bit uneasy at parts, but the real pleasure was the moody shots of skies, trees, and creaking cottages. If you’re not one to appreciate these sorts of things, skip this one. Also, if you love horses, I’d keep my distance. For the rest of us wannabe art students: have at ‘er!

The Ring(2002) 3/5 stars


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