The Lowdown on Sexism

I don’t 100% agree with all of these generalizations, but the point that equality isn’t “misandry” or an attack on men is spot-on. Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one who is infuriated when hearing women call other women gold-diggers. 99% of the time that’s patently false and incredibly judgemental(not to mention hurtful and invalidating). All art by artist Rasenth. See more of their work here:

Why sexism is wrong:


It Tastes Like Salad Dressing!

It’s likely you’ve made some New Year’s resolutions–you know; be smarter, more attractive, exercise, etc. Well, I’ve been bothered by my yellowy teeth for some time. It’s probably a pretty common point of embarrassment for many people–especially women who like to wear bright red lipstick!

In my travels across the web, I came across a DIY home-whitening treatment made with just Olive Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar. These are the instructions from

 “Olive oil and apple cider vinegar will always be in your kitchen, so it’s worth trying a homemade teeth whitening treatment. Mix a teaspoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a bowl. Enter your toothbrush in the mixture, then brush your teeth with it. You can repeat the procedure until you finish the entire mixture. Your teeth will be noticeably whiter, cleaner and brighter. Olive oil takes care of your gums and teeth and it clean  very good(sic) the spaces between teeth and vinegar removes stains, odors and even bacteria.”


I followed the instructions to the letter. This is an account of my thoughts during the procedure:

This thing smells good. Like vinegar. And olive oil.

So, I guess I just dip my toothbrush into this bowl, right? Okay…

Then I just brush my teeth like normal now, right? 

Oh, wow.  It tastes like salad dresssing.

Oh gosh, it’s like I just drank straight Vinaigrette… Do I have to keep this in my mouth?

It’s starting to overflow. Oh god… The drool, the saliva! Somebody get a towel!

 Are my teeth whiter? Ummm… not really. But my gums feel fresh. And my mouth tastes like olive oil. And my gums are bleeding. I don’t know what that says about me, but… I brush my teeth often, I swear!

In summary: my gums feel clean, my teeth feel like I’ve washed them with acid, and my breath smells like olive oil. I was expecting whiter teeth, but that didn’t really happen. They’re minimally whiter–you might have to do this a few times to see a great effect. I’ve resigned from my quest for whiter teeth, and say to toothy people everywhere: don’t bother!(Unless you go to the dentist and they do a professional whitening for you. That would probably work well.)

What are your New Year’s resolutions? You can read mine here: Untimely Resolutions. Do you have a good home-remedy for yellow teeth? Maybe you’ve done some silly things in pursuit of beauty before–tell me about it in the comments! You rock, you reader-of-blogs, you! 😛





This is a Teaching Moment

AAAAAAchoooooo! Man, this internet place is dusty. I’ve been scouring the web for (free)video games, and now I’m covered in cobwebs. It was totally worth it. These are not just any ol’ games, but ones that are educational. That’s Edutainment!

  1. Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Anyone can learn about the Socratic method via this Ace Attorney look-alike. Imagine debating the nature of morality with your fav dead philosophers–this is the basic concept of the game. Even the in-game “tutorial,” teaching you how to play the game, is a ridiculously funny conversation between a frazzled father and a deer-repellent salesman. Yes, deer repellent.
  2. Newgenics: Welcome to the Future A basic, clean intro to eugenics and the shapes it takes. I recommend this for kids as young as eight(and you’re never too old for schooling!) to spark interesting discussions about a murky subject.  Note: the handling is a bit crappy and the game doesn’t always respond as desired.
  3. Cellcraft Ahhh, Cellcraft. This goofy little game about platypi covers


    the basics of cells and organisms. The story is witty, has cute cartoonish graphics, and does a good job explaining the science behind the fun. Come on, kids, get your Golgi Body on!

  4. Parable of the Polygons Racism, in a cool interactive format on your computer! Yeah!

Tunnel vision: A brief look at near death experiences

Excuse me, I need to go sit and ponder about this now…


In 1964, the comic actor Peter Sellers had a series of eight rapid heart attacks after which his heart stopped beating and he was pronounced clinically dead. Thankfully, the doctor successfully brought Sellers back from the brink of death by vigorous heart massage. However, what is not so well known was that Sellers said that while all this was happening, he rose out of his body, and reached for a hand in a bright, loving light. As a result of his experience, Sellers claimed that he had lost his fear of death, had become more introspective, and had found tranquility in yoga. However, he still felt “lost” and would spend many discussions with the Reverend John Hester trying to “reconcile the world of plenty he inhabited with the emptiness of soul that oppressed him”.

Twenty years earlier, in 1944, the world-renowned psychiatrist and analytical therapist Carl Jung also had a…

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For Courage is the Thing of Things…

I have so many little poems and songs saved on my cellphone… but I have lost my courage to post.

It takes three parts bravery, two parts narcissism, and one part reckless abandon to post stuff on the internet.

Thumbs up to all the people with the guts to share their innermost struggles with everyone. Seriously, anyone could read this and know that it’s me. That it’s their neighbor, their friend, the woman that they just served coffee to…

It’s a lot to bare. I need to find that piece of recklessness to complete the equation once again.


(I’ve wanted to write this for a long time. Now you know what’s goin’ on)

I need Help Taking Photos without Glare

When there were but nine days until Christmas, but there was still no snow in this corner of Canada.  It should have been at least minus ten outside, but instead it was warm and raining. I could not believe that Christmas is was so close. I keep checking my (advent)calendar to reassure myself. Luckily,  I’d finished my shopping early this year (for once).

Now, with five days left, we’ve had our first snow! My dog is loving it, and so am I with my camera. The boisterous morning sun made it hard to photograph and see the screen on my digital camera. Any tips for taking pictures of snow and bright days without getting glare/flaring? (I had my camera on the pre-programmed snow setting to no avail.) Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to like and share with your skilled photographer friends, too.


A pretty sh*tty picture

Left me Clothe You!

Last Month, I wrote a long post about how torturous it is to be left-handed(which you can read here: Lord Love an Artistic Lefty). Inspired by my half-joking suggestion to start up a “Leftorium,” you’ll be happy to know–I’ve done it! Well, I’ve half done it. On Zazzle I’ve opened up a store called RealEccentric_prints, where you can purchase lefty-themed gear.  Starting with the ‘Lil Lefty T-shirt for toddlers!

It’s for kids! It’s for Lefties! And it comes in different colors!

Buy it here: