Worsening Medical Care for Ontarians

Oh looky! Did you see that the Ontario Provincial Government is cutting doctor’s funding?  By a dandy 7 percent, to be exact. I am, and probably most Ontarians are, dissatisfied with the health care they receive already. One can only assume with funding cuts it’ll get worse.

Not to mention that there will only be more strain on the medical system in the future.  We have aging ‘boomers, an influx of refugees, and rampant obesity to deal with.  Imagine what grim shape doctor’s offices will be in. What a mess!

Learn more here: putontariopatientsfirst.com

Create awareness with some Put Ontario Patients First Buttons. You could buy a bunch to give out to your fellow humans. Or you could sell some for a huge mark-up in your own store. Go for it!  Put Ontario Patients First Button


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