Untimely Resolutions

Most people make(and break) their resolutions at New Year’s. Well, I’m stickin’ it to The Man and making resolutions in December. I feel that it’s a good idea, and that it might inspire you wonderful mortals to change(for the better).  Maybe this will help Future Me out in the long run. I’m calling this list:

Resolutions to be a Better Person

  1. Listen when people are talking. Yes, I know they’re always complaining, but you should listen. It’s a useful skill, you know.
  2. Finish more projects and objectives. I know you can do it if you just jump right in!
  3. Tell people what you want–and be persistent.
  4. Speak up. Nobody else can read your thoughts!  Never be embarrassed!
  5. Build new relationships.
  6. Spend more time with your dog.<3He wuvs u vewy much!<3
  7. Remember that the day isn’t over until it is. There is still time to make it worth something.
  8. Spend less time wanting material things and coveting objects!
  9. Read more blogs. Do you know any ones I’d like? Share them in the comments!
  10. Be mindful and remember to do one thing at a time. Do you hear me?! ONE.THING.AT.A.TIME.
  11. Don’t judge people(or: judge less). You wouldn’t like them to make judgments about you!
  12. Remember that you aren’t better than everyone else.
  13. Contrarily, remember that you’re pretty freaking amazing.

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