Getting Nothing out of Something

A few years ago, I made a nice, safe financial investment to try and get something from nothing in this tumultuous economic environment. As a savvy young person, I knew that the rates were only really going to go down short-term, and so I moved quickly.  Said investment is going to mature soon. I received a letter from my bank, and pondered how to best reinvest my cash-ola.

When I looked at the rates for non-risky options like GICs, I began to vibrate. Interest is much lower now than when I last invested. I know that oil prices crashed and yadda yadda, but I’m still kind of PO’d.

How am I supposed to get ahead in this world?! Isn’t it hard enough to be a young’un  in constant emotional turmoil without feeling like you can’t even afford to breathe?  I always tell people I can’t afford to get an education–and they just snicker. Sadly, it’s true. I’m not complaining about the state of the economy, because I know I can’t change it, but I am feeling intense frustration with the world(which, granteed, I also can’t really change). I feel like the universe has thrown a ball of dung my(and my generation’s) way.

There isn’t much I can do, I’m just mad and I need to vent! Please excuse me while I go kick something…

This is NOT financial advice. I am NOT advising you how to invest your money.



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