I need Help Taking Photos without Glare

When there were but nine days until Christmas, but there was still no snow in this corner of Canada.  It should have been at least minus ten outside, but instead it was warm and raining. I could not believe that Christmas is was so close. I keep checking my (advent)calendar to reassure myself. Luckily,  I’d finished my shopping early this year (for once).

Now, with five days left, we’ve had our first snow! My dog is loving it, and so am I with my camera. The boisterous morning sun made it hard to photograph and see the screen on my digital camera. Any tips for taking pictures of snow and bright days without getting glare/flaring? (I had my camera on the pre-programmed snow setting to no avail.) Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to like and share with your skilled photographer friends, too.


A pretty sh*tty picture


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