Ludum Dare 34: Growing Ties 2/5 STARS

It’s a simple task: give the men some ties.  Playing Growing Ties for a few seconds will show you it’s not as easy as you once thought.  Press the left arrow key to finish making a tie and press and hold the right arrow key to make the tie longer.  There are people of all sizes waiting for your custom-length, lime-green ties, so get going!

While Growing Ties sounds like a simple web toy, it actually took me some time to get the hang of it.  I realized after some experimenting that, contrary to the upbeat background music, you can take as long as you want to make ties. There is no time limit and the men will not leave if you take “too long.”  Knowing this immediately makes the game less enjoyable, because now you don’t have the mad dash of dropping ties to please customers.  Growing Ties was made in a 72 hours for Ludum Dare 34, and so; the game only has one “level.”  After satisfying twenty customers’ tie needs the game ends, shows you how well you performed, and then are prompted to play again.  I’d say Growing Ties is fun, and good if you want to just chill, but there isn’t much other substance or meaning.

Growing Ties: 2/5 STARS

Growing Ties was created by DR.LUDOS (who brought us the similarly simple but difficult The One Fork Restaurant), with music by Newgrounds user F4llout. The Jam theme was Two Button Controls and/or Growing. Participants were allowed to use one or both of the themes. You can get Growing Ties on your Android phone via Google Play.


Walmart, let’s get in touch!

Walmart should sell a “Confidence Kit” in the women’s undergarments section. The Confidence Kit includes: control-top tights, a push-up bra, mascara, and red-tinted cherry lip balm.

I could really use this after binging on that Tarte au Sucre last night.

Grouse Encounter

I saw a Ruffed Grouse in my backyard today! It’s crest was standing up, which at first confused me. From far away, the head did not look small like a bird’s, but instead like a second, smaller, fan of tail-feathers at the end of it’s neck. It waddled about in between some trees and slowly blended back into the forest. How cool is that?!

I encourage you all to keep your eyes peeled for wild animals where you live and do some research on and record what you saw. You’ll enjoy your surroundings so much more, trust me!

My Confession about Personal Ads

Missed Connections

  I don’t know why I keep reading the “missed connections” section on Kijiji(it’s like Craigslist, but 100% less sketchy).  I’m not even searching for someone, but I still keep reading.  I just like to imagine two strangers meeting again, when it was near impossible they would. The desperation, so tragic yet sweet(like some sappy romantic movie).

Yes, I am a hopeless sap, so hate me.

Amateur Etymologist Fun

Most native English speakers  hate hearing the word rucksack. For some reason, it grates on their senses. Did you know that there’s more to this ugly noun than meets the ear?  There’s a reason why the synonym for backpack is the way it is. First of all, English is a Germanic language. The German word for back, the body part your mom constantly complains about, is Ruecken.  Der Ruecken is the back, for example. Do you see the connection? Rucksack. Ruecken. In addition, the German word Sack translates to bag in English.

In short: a rucksack is actually a backbag!

This has been Amateur Etymologist Fun on Real Eccentric!

Read more about the word rucksack here (interestingly enough, the word Bergen in German mean mountains in English.

Your webcam is now searchable

This just popped up on my Reader feed… What a good way to get nice and awake without coffee–lol.

#News, #SciBitch, #Cams,#Vocativ – Terrifying IoT Search Engine Lets You Spy On Strangers’ Webcams –

Source: Your webcam is now searchable

They’re Baaaaaack!

OMG THE X-FILES ARE BACK. Ahem, errr… Yeah.  Seriously, Scully is my hair inspiration(hairspiration???). She was the badass suit-wearing ginger that I aspired to be as a young’un.  She was also inspiring in the first few seasons because of her cute lil’ baby face. I don’t think there’s anyone else on TV who has had that little bit of softness to their face(and she didn’t get flack for it!). After the first few seasons it went away, which made me kind of sad.  These days, actors(and models) are expected to either be super skinny or “plus-sized.” The truth is(out there), plenty of young women are in between…  Anyways, that’s my X-Files Revival Rant— it seems we’re all entitled to at least one.


Mah face is so sawft and skwishay


You are All so Weird

YOU are all so awesome! Every one of you! I have published over 93 posts since this blog’s inception. You guys rock! Ham yeah! But you know what? Your friends and family are pretty awesome, too. Share a post with your mom, your internet forum, your cat, anybody! And if you aren’t already following, you should do that, like, right now. I am calling upon you to spread the realness around.  Start a conversation about some controversial topic I’ve written about, for instance.  If you don’t think they’ll be into it, consider this:

The more people I meet, the more I realise that everybody is weird, but most people are too afraid to admit it and be themselves.

With that little piece of pithiness, I say; have an eccentric day and remember to be real!