Top 5 Unique Pets for Unique People

Top 5 Unique Pets for Unique People

  1. Ferrets I’ve been an admirer of these mischievous fellas for a while.

    Image courtesy of James Barker at

    I just love their little razor sharp teeth and long, sleek bodies!

  2. Turtles They’re not cats, but they can be voracious lil’ hunters!
  3. Tarantulas Awwww, they’re so prickly looking! These are shockingly popular as pets in Canada. Tough-guy(or gal) status is complimentary with your purchase.
  4. Degus Cute, fuzzy rodents that are said to be highly sociable. I had never heard of a Degu before until I saw someone selling
    Baby degu free  City of Montréal Greater Montréal image 1

    A young male Degu

    theirs on Kijiji(*sad face*). They look like a cross between a Chinchilla and a rat. They take sand baths like Chinchillas, too.

  5. Imaginary Friends Low maintenance, inexpensive, and legal in every jurisdiction. Also 100% guaranteed to not come from an Imaginary Friend Mill. What else is there to say? Get one now!

Honorable Mention: Sugar Gliders Apparently people have pet Sugar Gliders in Canada. Sugar Gliders are doe-eyed Marsupials that are native to Australia(shout-out to Australia. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, Oi, Oi!). This seems like it shouldn’t be legal…(Note: “it is one of the most commonly traded wild animals in the illegal pet trade, where animals are taken directly from their natural habitats.” from Wikipedia)

What are your Top 5 Unique Pets? I want to see you guys make a list in response of what you would have chosen! Link to your post in the comments!


As always, please don’t just run out and buy a pet from a pet store after reading this! In my research, I saw maybe hundreds of advertisements online of people trying to get rid of their rabbits, guinea pigs, lizards,  puppies, exotic pets, etc. These animals need space to run around and lots of love and care! Also, if you’re really ready for an animal, make sure it is legal where you live and that you have all of the proper space, food, bedding, etc(not to mention money for the vet bills!). I don’t recommend getting animals from pet stores, instead get them from other people who can no longer keep theirs(this happens for many different reasons). Mention to your friends that you are looking for a Hamster/Degu/etc. This keeps pets from being released into the wild where they don’t belong or from being put in shelters that have no space, leading to euthanasia(this is a common fate for dogs and cats).

I know that in the case of ferrets, most come from one major breeder in the United States(called Marshall Ferrets) and are then exported to pet stores all over North America and even Japan(source). According to most Ferret communities/forums on the internet and PETA they are a mill(see some discourse on Marshall Ferrets here). I’m willing to give these people, who know more than I do about Ferrets, the benefit of the doubt. It is highly, highly, highly likely they are an animal mill. There is an intelligent evaluation of Marshall Ferrets here.


Wow, that was a totally unintended rant. I just wanted to be responsible and make sure people didn’t just buy exotic animals willy-nilly after seeing this. Please enjoy pets responsibly! Haha. 🙂

Note: for some reason the formatting isn’t working and the picture of the Degu is overlapping with the ferret picture. It looks good as a draft and previewed on different devices, but the desktop format is just not working. Not cool, WordPress. Not. Cool.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


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  1. kirapebbles · January 11, 2016

    The last one’s by far the best! I am definitely one for an imaginary friend, simply because I’m so bad at socialising…

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