The Artist Among the Manufactured

Since the death of David Bowie, I’ve been feeling pretty blegh…  I guess I’m having a mini existential-crisis. With him gone, I’m wondering: who will be the “mainstream” face of breaking the line between “men’s clothing” and “women’s clothing?”

I really like movies, and when I was a young teen, I saw the movies Cabaret(with Liza Minelli) and Victor Victoria(with Julie Andrews).  They are definitely on the (non-existent)list of my favorite movies ever. I remember watching them and thinking, “I wanna be like that.”  I wanted to sing and dance and cross-dress.


Lucas Lanthier

I saw some interesting pictures today of Lucas Lanthier, a musician I found out about only this week(oh, the joys of The Internet).  In one he is wearing thick black mascara, red lipstick, and a ghostly pallor. The other, a lilac dress.  These two photos inspire me, and I hope they inspire those who are looking at them right now.  Lanthier, however, is not a “mainstream” artist, so one must brave the depths of Tumblr to see more of his bold outfits.

To me, David Bowie was a true artist, someone whose life was a work of art. What he wore, what he said, what he did, all created his Magnum Opus.


Lucas Lanthier(in a dress)

When he left, a hole was blown in the fortress of pop culture. The world needs somebody who will be the artist among the manufactured. Someone who will break barriers, challenge society, and make tunes that can be played on the radio in your dentist’s office.

And so, the crisis continues. To reiterate; who will be the “mainstream” face of breaking the line between “men” and “women?” Is it me?  Is it you? Is it us?


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