Suspenders 101

Aren’t suspenders for skinheads/rednecks/men in suits?

Nope! I wear them as a part of everyday street-wear.  If you want to wear suspenders but still look “girly,” you can try wearing them with a skirt. I do that all the time!

Where do I buy suspenders?

Clothing stores; trendy/high-fashion men’s and women’s stores, online, and in consignment stores. Women can usually buy suspenders from men’s clothing stores/sections and vice versa. They are adjustable and pretty much the same product.  I bought my first pair at a consignment store in the men’s section. One can either purchase “X back,” also known as “cross back,” suspenders, or “Y back” suspenders. These are
simply two different styles, shown below.

I recommend Y backs for formal-wear with a suit, and X backs for a casual/punk look. X backs also hold up your pants better, so are more practical.  But really, anything goes!

How do I wear suspenders?

Anyone can wear them with tucked in t-shirts, tank tops, shirts, or blouses. Like I mentioned before, you can wear suspenders with pants, skirts, and pretty much anything with a waistband! I would stay away from wearing them with cheap/stretchy/flimsy materials, though. No yoga pants, please!

Do I wear them “outside” or “inside” my breasts?

If you have breasts, you can put the suspenders over the middle of them, pointing slightly outwards.  If you want them to sit right and look casual, position them so that the straps are going “through” the middle of the nipple. Having the clips, where the suspenders attach to your pants, placed a bit narrower compared to your shoulder width and having the distance between the straps widen as they reach your shoulders, gives you a more curvy/hourglass looking silhouette. Here is what I’m trying to describe:

How do I put suspenders on?

Here is an awesome tutorial:  If the suspenders keep sliding around(especially for people with boobs), do not despair. Your suspenders are just not adjusted/positioned right. You’ll have to fiddle with it until it feels right and you can move around without your straps shifting too much.

What color suspenders should I buy?

I recommend black. It goes with pretty much everything. However, suspenders come in a billion different colors and patterns. For example:






Now go, and enjoy the magic of suspenders, young fashionista!


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  1. Schnauzevoll · January 25, 2016

    I do buy suspenders when I find some that I think would look good in my wardrobe, sadly though usually that is where they would stay O_O° note to self: add some suspenders to a few future outfits!
    never thought one would wonder where to place them on boobs though… but now that I think about it, true… might be a bit tricky, no idea where I placed them so far!

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