They’re Baaaaaack!

OMG THE X-FILES ARE BACK. Ahem, errr… Yeah.  Seriously, Scully is my hair inspiration(hairspiration???). She was the badass suit-wearing ginger that I aspired to be as a young’un.  She was also inspiring in the first few seasons because of her cute lil’ baby face. I don’t think there’s anyone else on TV who has had that little bit of softness to their face(and she didn’t get flack for it!). After the first few seasons it went away, which made me kind of sad.  These days, actors(and models) are expected to either be super skinny or “plus-sized.” The truth is(out there), plenty of young women are in between…  Anyways, that’s my X-Files Revival Rant— it seems we’re all entitled to at least one.


Mah face is so sawft and skwishay




  1. Schnauzevoll · January 25, 2016

    Wait, new episodes or old ones being aired again? (anyways, hoping they would be as great as the old ones and totally agree on her face ^_^°)

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    • Green Muse · January 25, 2016

      New episodes are being aired on Fox, CTV on Mondays. The first episode was on Sunday(the 24th) and Gillian’s face was skinnier/tighter than ever. The injustice!


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