Walmart, let’s get in touch!

Walmart should sell a “Confidence Kit” in the women’s undergarments section. The Confidence Kit includes: control-top tights, a push-up bra, mascara, and red-tinted cherry lip balm.

I could really use this after binging on that Tarte au Sucre last night.



  1. kirapebbles · February 1, 2016

    If it was promoting confidence, I don’t think they would be selling these particular products in this section. More like products for relaxing and things? Maybe indulgence too? And inspirational quotes, books and films. Sorry, just making a few suggestions.

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  2. Green Muse · February 1, 2016

    Hmm interesting… To me, a confidence kit would be things that make me look pretty, but it sounds like you’d prefer things that make you feel happy/relaxed. I guess that shows what’s REALLY important to me! lol


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