Are There Real Wizards in Iowa?

Ted Cruz claims that Americans “overwhelming(sic) disagree” with same-sex marriage, and that polls claiming most are in favor of marriage equality are “skewed.” Ted Cruz knows this because, naturally, he’s a wizard and can read the thoughts of millions of Americans without breaking a sweat.  His magic powers are so great, that he knows better than to believe the results  of multiple polls. Polls such as this one and this one.

You’re a wizard, Teddy.


I know you think they look cute, but…


I see pictures of forlorn fawns

pop up in my feed.

And I know that you think they’re cute,

but I know the

familiar swell of anxiety

bubbling up in my chest.

The photo,

taken moments before their

muzzle opens

to exact revenge.


I’d rather see:

a goat, or a turtle,

or a bird of paradise

Than the shrouded eyes

of a buck.


Read more about my fear of deer here.

I Plead Innocent to Charges of Being a Hipster

Maybe it’s just me–actually, it certainly is just me– but I love a good old-fashioned art film.  I know, I sound like some silly lumber-sexual hipster trying to be “edgy.” Bear with me, I beg of you.

I try really hard to enjoy blockbuster action movies, but they’re just so BORING. I pick them apart and point out all of the poor writing, cinematography, casting, everything and it soon becomes painful to watch.  Also, the score–oh gawd, the score! My poor ears!  Not all “mainstream” movies are awful, of course, but many of them should be dumped into the inky depths of the ocean, never to be seen again.

For example; I saw the movie Pan in theaters, and I was raving(positively) about it for some time afterwards. Every little detail built up something that parents could ponder while their children enjoyed the basic story and visual spectacle. This one is not ocean material..

In the pursuit of a good film, I have done much IMDB scouring and have come to a conclusion. I love surreal films from the ’60s.

I’m Opening an Art Gallery Posthumously

I have a growing number of self-portraits, with myself dressed/styled in an androgynous/masculine way.  I wonder, when I die, how will people interpret that?  I often think about all of the sketches and works I’ll leave to be found, after I die, and what will happen to them.  Maybe they’ll only become worth something when I can make no more? My Ego can only hope!

HananThis is part of an old drawing with felt-tip pen, chalk pastels, and pencil that turned out to have creepy eyes.  Inspired by china dolls, Directoire Fashion Riding clothes, and, you guessed it, androgyny.  It was just a  fashion sketch anyways…(I took a cruddy picture with a camera, as I don’t have a scanner)

Is a Woman’s Purpose in Life to Sell Products to Straight Men?

  Watching this video gave me a shiver… Why is it that people, including myself, are taught that this is how media needs to be, to accept that sex sells?  The reality is, these advertisements are unrealistic, disgusting, and limit women to being dolls for use by heterosexual men.

Very, Very Fabulous Femmes of Colour

Alok Vaid-Menon has such good taste in shoes! Like, can we go shoe shopping together? I’d really like that…

An Update and Big Cool Changes

There are a few Big Cool Changes™ happening in my life and the life of this blog that you should know about.


Posting might be spotty or nonexistent for the next few weeks.  I apologize for irregular posting/poor quality content in general, but I will be very tied up and may be unable to write.  I hope these changes in my personal life will inspire me to be more creative and will make it possible to talk to some interesting people and to share their stories with you. Overall, intermittent content creation is not what I expected when I was starting out as a blogger.  This has got me thinking about…

The Future of the Blog

The Future of the blog.  Fear not, I’m not going away. I have had a lot of questions in my mind, though, about whether I want to continue to use as the “home” for my thoughts and creations. For example: you’ve probably noticed it is difficult to find new blogs you’re interested in, it is difficult for small bloggers like myself to get exposure, and adding images to posts(for me at least) has been strange lately, with pictures not being formatted appropriately.

Even if I continue to use, I have another possibility kicking around in my head.  I have this little fantasy of creating something like an online newsletter, a congregation of talent (and other platforms, too, maybe…).  Picture this: everyday a different author posts a short column about a specific subject the readers and writer are interested in. It could be a review, an interview, or an analysis of current events, culture and subcultures, and life in general.  My original aspiration was for my blog, Real Eccentric, to be something like this.  I have grown immensely, and learned that the truth is, I can’t do all of this alone.

In Conclusion

I haven’t made any moves to drastically change the direction of my blogging yet, I’m just floating these ideas with everyone out there.  I would like to hear any feedback or ideas in the comments.  In fact, if you’d be interested in participating in an online “newsletter” as I described, I would love you to say so in the comments below.




Crafty Link Dump

This is just a crafty-themed link dump. Without further ado, here are some links to cool projects I found through “surfing the web.”