I Plead Innocent to Charges of Being a Hipster

Maybe it’s just me–actually, it certainly is just me– but I love a good old-fashioned art film.  I know, I sound like some silly lumber-sexual hipster trying to be “edgy.” Bear with me, I beg of you.

I try really hard to enjoy blockbuster action movies, but they’re just so BORING. I pick them apart and point out all of the poor writing, cinematography, casting, everything and it soon becomes painful to watch.  Also, the score–oh gawd, the score! My poor ears!  Not all “mainstream” movies are awful, of course, but many of them should be dumped into the inky depths of the ocean, never to be seen again.

For example; I saw the movie Pan in theaters, and I was raving(positively) about it for some time afterwards. Every little detail built up something that parents could ponder while their children enjoyed the basic story and visual spectacle. This one is not ocean material..

In the pursuit of a good film, I have done much IMDB scouring and have come to a conclusion. I love surreal films from the ’60s.


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