Huffpo Restores Faith in Humanity, Readership Disappoints

Notice all of the biphobia in the comments.  Arguments include:

  1. Bisexuals are broad group, which includes “the curious” and “buffet tasters,” therefore making it difficult to tell if somebody is “truly bisexual.”
  2. It is ok to question somebody’s sexuality when you find out they are bi.
  3. Suggesting that bisexuals are unhappy in monogamous relationships.

Now I will refute each commenter’s point:

  1. If somebody identifies as bisexual, they are bisexual unless they say otherwise.  I don’t walk around telling lesbians they aren’t queer enough, so why should you insinuate bi folks aren’t queer enough either?
  2. Try asking a straight(or gay) person details about their sex life and sexuality upon first meeting them, to determine their “true” sexuality.  Should I get some ice for the punch you will surely receive? If they say they are bi, they are bi!  Can you even imagine how hurtful it would be, to have people deny your identity, without even knowing anything about you?
  3.   I am bisexual and have no interest in polyamorous relationships.  I’m sure there are so-called “unicorns” out there, of course, but not all bisexuals are polyamorous.  This is a common stereotype, often paired with the belief that bisexuals are greedy.

In conclusion: If they say they are bi, they are bi!


Get it through your thick skulls.





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