A glimpse into a modern siege: Julian Assange medical report

“for security reasons [Julian Assange] had had no direct family contact and would not discuss his family further with me fearing the identity of his partner and young children be exposed and used as leverage against him.  (Online threats have been made that Mr. Assange’s family should be sought out and killed to be used as leverage to get at Mr. Assange.)”

Read the report for yourself here.

“for several weeks [Assange] experienced being woken up in the middle of the night.  After waking up on three consecutive nights he became convinced he was being woken by a banging on the wall or window of his bedroom.  On one occasion, he awoke to the same sound and checked the time – 4:01 am in the morning. Embassy CCTV footage confirmed to Mr. Assange that the bang was external: ‘A group of about five Metropolitan Police officers stood outside the window of the room I was sleeping in. One of officers pointed at the window. Another officer then took an object from his pocket and threw it at the window.'”