I am cheap, part 2: making money!

A year ago, I made this blog post about free trials, offers, samples, contests, etc.  Since then, I have spent an embarrassing chunk of my time finding others ways to “get free stuff” online.  Affiliate links are marked with a “*”

  • Mintvine is one of those websites you’ve probably heard of where users are paid to take surveys.  Of all the websites I’ve tried, Mintvine is the best.  Users can reliably earn points every day by taking their daily poll.  I’ve already earned more than enough for a payout! mintvine.com*
  • Insta GC complete tasks for points towards redeeming a gift card of your choice. www.instagc.com*
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk: I’m not currently using this program, although it looks like it could be relatively lucrative for working at home.  www.mturk.com


A shirt designed specifically with left-handed families in mind. Text printed in navy blue on cotton garment.

Source: http://www.zazzle.com/lil_lefty_baby_cotton_shirt_with_snap_closure-235020937097997496?CMPN=emc_ProductCreationForStore_Html_wordpress&rf=238336502139615364&lang=en