PSA: Hot Cars

  It’s that time of year again and, unfortunately, I feel the need to remind you all about Summer safety for you and your loved ones.  I don’t care whether you’re at a concert or the grocery store: do not leave your darkling in the car!  I implore you: because they are covered in black velvet and silk, unlike you or I, they are extremely prone to heat stroke.  Some people say you can leave the car windows rolled down an inch to keep them cool, but that does not prevent sunburn!  Goths are delicate creatures and will sizzle, smoke, and blister if left in the car for too long.  Additionally, bringing along a compact with white press powder will keep their skin hidden from Normals and daylight in the event of melting makeup.  Always remember: bring extra sunscreen and your buddy’s favorite collection of romantic poems when spending time at the park together.  Stay safe, and have a lovely Summer.


Acting Batty!

I love the internet because you never know what you’re going to find. has a short test that will, apparently, tell you what animal you are most like. It claims it’s short quiz is “The Original and Most Accurate Personality Test on the Web.” Well, I’m sure Miss Briggs-Myers posthumously disagrees with that…

I’m really a bat inside, by-the-way–how creepy! The description at the end of the test says I’m “a decidedly nonconformist creature.”



I know you think they look cute, but…


I see pictures of forlorn fawns

pop up in my feed.

And I know that you think they’re cute,

but I know the

familiar swell of anxiety

bubbling up in my chest.

The photo,

taken moments before their

muzzle opens

to exact revenge.


I’d rather see:

a goat, or a turtle,

or a bird of paradise

Than the shrouded eyes

of a buck.


Read more about my fear of deer here.

Very, Very Fabulous Femmes of Colour

Alok Vaid-Menon has such good taste in shoes! Like, can we go shoe shopping together? I’d really like that…

Crafty Link Dump

This is just a crafty-themed link dump. Without further ado, here are some links to cool projects I found through “surfing the web.”

Walmart, let’s get in touch!

Walmart should sell a “Confidence Kit” in the women’s undergarments section. The Confidence Kit includes: control-top tights, a push-up bra, mascara, and red-tinted cherry lip balm.

I could really use this after binging on that Tarte au Sucre last night.

Grouse Encounter

I saw a Ruffed Grouse in my backyard today! It’s crest was standing up, which at first confused me. From far away, the head did not look small like a bird’s, but instead like a second, smaller, fan of tail-feathers at the end of it’s neck. It waddled about in between some trees and slowly blended back into the forest. How cool is that?!

I encourage you all to keep your eyes peeled for wild animals where you live and do some research on and record what you saw. You’ll enjoy your surroundings so much more, trust me!

They’re Baaaaaack!

OMG THE X-FILES ARE BACK. Ahem, errr… Yeah.  Seriously, Scully is my hair inspiration(hairspiration???). She was the badass suit-wearing ginger that I aspired to be as a young’un.  She was also inspiring in the first few seasons because of her cute lil’ baby face. I don’t think there’s anyone else on TV who has had that little bit of softness to their face(and she didn’t get flack for it!). After the first few seasons it went away, which made me kind of sad.  These days, actors(and models) are expected to either be super skinny or “plus-sized.” The truth is(out there), plenty of young women are in between…  Anyways, that’s my X-Files Revival Rant— it seems we’re all entitled to at least one.


Mah face is so sawft and skwishay