Tunnel vision: A brief look at near death experiences

Excuse me, I need to go sit and ponder about this now…


In 1964, the comic actor Peter Sellers had a series of eight rapid heart attacks after which his heart stopped beating and he was pronounced clinically dead. Thankfully, the doctor successfully brought Sellers back from the brink of death by vigorous heart massage. However, what is not so well known was that Sellers said that while all this was happening, he rose out of his body, and reached for a hand in a bright, loving light. As a result of his experience, Sellers claimed that he had lost his fear of death, had become more introspective, and had found tranquility in yoga. However, he still felt “lost” and would spend many discussions with the Reverend John Hester trying to “reconcile the world of plenty he inhabited with the emptiness of soul that oppressed him”.

Twenty years earlier, in 1944, the world-renowned psychiatrist and analytical therapist Carl Jung also had a…

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Tell-Tale Tramp Stamp

Check out these Edgar Allen Poe inspired temporary tattoos.

Want! Seriously, I love his short stories. Poe has left an indelible and sometimes invisible mark on our culture. He dreamed up stories you have probably seen spoofed/adapted into TV, music, writing, movies, etc. Unless you’ve read the originals, you’d never know, of course. Go Poe!p40922025_2Post Script: Oh, it’s just like the black cat that keeps coming back…! With increasingly strange appearance, causing madness.

The Abandoned Campus

A local college campus has recently been abandoned–awesome! It would make a great place to film a horror movie. I took some creepy pictures throughout the fall there! The pictures of turbines and cool machines at the beginning of the slideshow is a weather station.  When you hear the local temperature or precipitation amount(on the local news), the numbers are coming from there! Check it out:

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The Ring–Part Deux

I watched The Ring Two last night. What an utter disappointment!

First of all, the wardrobe and hair were awful. Everything that made Rachel(Naomi Watts) so sweet and likable in the first film was taken over by the worst of early 2000s fashion. In one scene, Rachel wakes up with perfectly scrunched curls–in the first movie her hair was (tastefully)slightly wavy.  After watching The Ring Two, I wanted to listen to some Spice Girls or something.  Conversely, Aidan(David Dorfman) had a much better haircut this time ’round.

Child actor David Dorfman definitely upped his game. A combination of writing, hair, and strong acting made the character Aidan more real and less innately repulsive. Seeing Dorfman’s progress as a young actor was the highlight of the whole movie.

Costumes and acting are important, but there was one thing that really let me down. What made The Ring shine was it’s artistic flair. The episodic segments of the first movie showing how many days Rachel had left to live created a sense of dread and urgency. The Ring Two wasn’t even scary–just inadequate.  It’s as if all of the budget was spent on unrealistic special effects(and paying Simon Baker), and all of the gloomy, gothic love was thrown aside as worthless.

One thing that contributed to this lack-of-horror movie was the storytelling. Samara’s story was told in an unsympathetic, detached way. Having a twisted sense of sympathy for a murdered child and disgust for her post-mortem crimes really wrenched viewer’s guts the first time.

My advice to movie-goers is this: stick with The Ring, and don’t taint it’s memory with this unsatisfying sequel. The Ring Two is a waste of your time. As much as you think you want more of Rachel and Aidan’s horrific ordeal, you really have better things to do. Really.

The Ring Two(2005) 2.5/5 Stars.

The Ring 3/5 Stars

I really do have to give everyone who had a hand in The Ring, well, a hand.  This thrilling horror movie was entertaining despite it’s blasé beginning.

The Ring starts with two teenaged girls watching TV and talking.  One of which has seen “The Tape.” It’s rumored that there’s a tape, and if you watch it, you’ll die in seven days. I know I rolled my eyes when I saw that part.

The music is mediocre, thanks to Hans Zimmer. The acting is good; not bad nor great.  The story itself is just a regular scary story; with creepy(and pasty) children and mentally ill mothers. If I were to give you one reason why you should watch The Ring, I’d say this: it’s a feast for the eyes.

Indeed, it’s greatest feature is the presumptuous Gothic cinematography. The Ring is even aware of it’s own try-hard art film nature. After seeing “The Tape” Noah(Martin Henderson) declares, “(it’s)Very student film.”  Even though some may think it’s a silly and earnest attempt at “art,” I liked it. The Ring is obviously not an art film, and it has no deeper meaning or “take away.” Can’t The Ring have it’s glowy green-and-red lens for the sake of beauty?

I did enjoy being a tad bit uneasy at parts, but the real pleasure was the moody shots of skies, trees, and creaking cottages. If you’re not one to appreciate these sorts of things, skip this one. Also, if you love horses, I’d keep my distance. For the rest of us wannabe art students: have at ‘er!

The Ring(2002) 3/5 stars

Halloween isn’t Over!

Well, actually, it is… But for some of us, we haven’t had enough spookiness. Some people need the creepiness all year round. So, here’s a dose of Halloween inspired joy, from me to you.

Why Halloween is the Best Holiday Ever

  1. It’s ok to laugh at dark, gory things for a month
  2. Adults can put on costumes and it’s socially acceptable
  3. Cute little kids in costumes show up at your door
  4. Having candy/baked goods in the house
  5. Candy corn!
  6. Giving strangers candy and trinkets
  7. Parties

    This is the jack o' lantern I carved this Halloween. Creepy, no?

    This is the jack o’ lantern I carved this Halloween. Creepy, no?

  8. The only time you can have cobwebs all over your house as “decoration”
  9. That one time of year where your friends will watch scary movies with you
  10. Celebration of death
  11. Wearing lots of makeup, fake wounds, wigs, etc.
  12. Fake teeth that aren’t dentures!
  13. Carving pumpkins! Yay I love knives!
  14. Scary wagon rides on some random guys farm
  15. For once everyone isn’t shoving a christian tradition down your throat
  16. Getting some awful disease bobbing for apples
  17. Costume contests!
  18. People won’t kick the life out of you for wearing black/gothic looking clothing
  19. Pumpkin EVERYTHING available in every store/restaurant! #PSL lol omg pumpkin spice is life

Keep the creepiness alive, y’all!  Link to your best spooky decor and jack o lanterns in the comments!

How to Make Halloween Decorations Scarier

I nearly had a heart attack while taking my dog out to do his business this morning.  THERE WAS FROST EVERYWHERE.  I got some pictures of this Halloween decoration at my house covered in frost:

How to make your Halloween decorations scarier? Have old man Winter leave some spine-chilling frost on them.

How to make your Halloween decorations scarier? Let Old Man Winter leave some spine-chilling frost on them.

Rest in peace Nice Weather. We'll meet again in another life.

Rest in peace Nice Weather. We’ll meet again in another life.

To make matters worse, yesterday there was SNOW! Just a few tiny flakes, but still pretty terrifying.  Winter is coming and I do not want it to. DO NOT WANT.