The “Lost” Salvidor Dali Disney Short

Reminds me of how much I enjoy surrealism and Dali.  The whole things is lovely, combining dance and animation.  You just need to watch this–more than once.


New PAIN Single Black Knight Satellite is Reassuring

Time leaches almost every band’s unique sound more and more every release.  With lineup changes, pressure from record companies, and the pursuit of fame, many bands slowly crumble.  In a world regular humans are incapable of seeing, is a graveyard of bands metalheads used to like, before they sold out, or started to sound too much like pop music.  Any one who’s traced a band’s discography from early demos to their latest music video steps carefully here.  Learning that there is new music from your favorite artist can be bad news.  There’s always a good chance that the tracks are poorly mixed, or worse–the vocals are layered and modified into oblivion.  One’s darkest fear of all is that the new songs will sound closer to Kanye West than Metallica.

Peter Tagtgren has had a lot of success.  Most people know him as the frontman for Hypocrisy, or through his solo project, PAIN.  In the last year, he also released the album Skills in Pills with Till Lindemann of Rammstein, under the name Lindemann.  Peter’s work, whether alone or with others, has earned him an international cult following that mostly lives online.  When I heard the news, that there would be a new album and single, I wasn’t overly worried that the new stuff would be a nosedive in quality.  Peter is capable of making diverse sounding music, but he understands that going in a new artistic direction means a new project, with a new name.

Image result for Pain Dark Knight Sattelite  The new PAIN single, Black Knight Satellite, maintains the sound that fans recognise as PAIN.  This is a relief.  Black Knight Satellite will also be on the new album Coming Home.  I am inferring from this, that the other tracks will sound similar.  If the rest of Coming Home sounds like that, then we can all rest easy that PAIN hasn’t sold out.  That being said, I urge you all to go listen to the new single, protected by the foreknowledge that it won’t be an utter disappointment.


Top 10 PAIN Songs


  This September 9th, Peter Tagtgren will be releasing a new PAIN album, titled Coming Home.  Peter released a new single the other day too, called Black Knight Satellite.  Interestingly, his son Sebastian Tagtgren will be the studio drummer for the new album.  I didn’t even know he had a kid (Where did this homunculus of a son come from?!)  I wonder whether Peter Tagtgren will take his son on tour with him as well, although I doubt it…  Randomly appearing progeny aside, I thought it was fitting to celebrate the new album with the top ten PAIN songs according to moi.

The tracks below are listed in order from The Very Best to one-of-the-best, with the album in which they were first released in brackets.

  1. Just Think Again      (Psalms of Extinction)
  2. 12:42      (Rebirth)
  3. Close My Eyes      (Nothing Remains the Same)
  4. It’s Only Them      (Nothing Remains the Same)
  5. Nothing      (Dancing with the Dead)
  6. Don’t Count Me Out      (Dancing with the Dead)
  7. The Tables Have Turned      (Dancing with the Dead)
  8. Monster      (You Only Live Twice)
  9. I’m Going in      (Cynic Paradise)
  10. Computer God      (Psalms of Extinction)

Image result for Pain Dancing With the Dead ArtHonorable mentions go to the song Tear it up from the album Dancing With the Dead and Suicide Machine from the album Rebirth.

Genital Mutilation in the name of Music

Allesandro Moreschi’s voice is preserved in the only recordings to be made of their kind. In 1902, he was recorded singing “Ave Maria” and “Hostias et Preces.” Moreschi was castrated, likely when he was only eight years old, although it could have been earlier in his life. He was a Castrato; a prepubescent boy castrated so that he would retain his high, childlike voice for his whole life instead of “dropping” from puberty. Castrati were so popular, primarily because, in church, women were usually banned from singing based on the Pauline dictum, “let women keep silent in church”(I Corinthians, ch 14, v 34). When church choirs required voices with a range similar to (female)sopranos and mezzo-sopranos, Castrati were used. Castrati were popular in Europe from the 16th century to the 1860s.
The genital mutilation of children is generally accepted these days(although not in all parts of the world) as cruel and unacceptable. Unfortunately, people made the decision to place a boy’s (potential) singing career ahead of human rights. In the end, this is another disturbing example of the ways in which sexism(the banning of women from singing in church) has had negative repercussions on men and boys.

You can listen to the recordings of the Castrato Alessandro Moreschi here, and judge his voice for yourself!

The Artist Among the Manufactured

Since the death of David Bowie, I’ve been feeling pretty blegh…  I guess I’m having a mini existential-crisis. With him gone, I’m wondering: who will be the “mainstream” face of breaking the line between “men’s clothing” and “women’s clothing?”

I really like movies, and when I was a young teen, I saw the movies Cabaret(with Liza Minelli) and Victor Victoria(with Julie Andrews).  They are definitely on the (non-existent)list of my favorite movies ever. I remember watching them and thinking, “I wanna be like that.”  I wanted to sing and dance and cross-dress.


Lucas Lanthier

I saw some interesting pictures today of Lucas Lanthier, a musician I found out about only this week(oh, the joys of The Internet).  In one he is wearing thick black mascara, red lipstick, and a ghostly pallor. The other, a lilac dress.  These two photos inspire me, and I hope they inspire those who are looking at them right now.  Lanthier, however, is not a “mainstream” artist, so one must brave the depths of Tumblr to see more of his bold outfits.

To me, David Bowie was a true artist, someone whose life was a work of art. What he wore, what he said, what he did, all created his Magnum Opus.


Lucas Lanthier(in a dress)

When he left, a hole was blown in the fortress of pop culture. The world needs somebody who will be the artist among the manufactured. Someone who will break barriers, challenge society, and make tunes that can be played on the radio in your dentist’s office.

And so, the crisis continues. To reiterate; who will be the “mainstream” face of breaking the line between “men” and “women?” Is it me?  Is it you? Is it us?

The Wishlist

The Wishlist


The Wishlist by Green Muse featuring T-strap shoes.

Charlotte Russe ribbed turtleneck sweater
13 CAD –

Ruth A-Line Denim Pinafore
41 CAD –

Burlesque Beauty Sheer Stripe Pantyhose in Noir
19 CAD –

Hotter black mary jane pumps
155 CAD –

NOVICA macrame necklace
55 CAD –

Striped umbrella
52 CAD –

Tartan plaid scarve
24 CAD –

Round circle sunglasses
14 CAD –

Forever 21 sunglasses
8.48 CAD –

Websites You Didn’t Know You Needed


    “We take no responsibility for your poor, poor liver.”  Suggests an adult beverage based on the music you’re listening to.

  2.  Find payphones all over the world and call them up!
  3.  A minimalist webcomic for nerds and techies.
  4.  A webcomic about goths and their run-ins with poseurs.
  5.  Quotes. On clouds. What more could a girl ask for?

    Poseur Patrol

    Poseur Patrol by Merrily Duffy

  6.  A classic resource used by metalheads, but still a goodie.
  7.  My favorite site for all things DIY.
  8.  It’s a video game???


Have a link you think deserves to be on the list? Comment below!

Death, Rockstars, and the Bad Case of Insomnia

I’m an insomniac–I admit it. But you know it’s bad when you’re awake at 2:30am and you check the news after tossing and turning, only to find out that David Bowie is dead. David Bowie is dead.

There was a world before Bowie, and a world with Bowie. I’d never thought about a world after Bowie. Even though he’s stopped breathing, I believe it will be a long time before the world really is post-Bowie.

On a semi-related note, I wanted to just say that personally, I have worry that when my idols die, nobody will care. That is, no newspapers will run front-page in memoriam stories. How would I find out? Would my family/friends know, and we’d talk about it together? Or would I have to explain to them who my hero was? What would I tell them?  Would I talk about the songs they’ve written, their children and husbands/wives, maybe recount their falling out with badmates, dare mention their problems with drugs?

Just a little food for thought. What would you say in remembrance of a rockstar/idol? Is there a musician that you think will die without being celebrated? Talk about them in the comments, what you’d say about their life, etc.–even if they’re still alive!

For Courage is the Thing of Things…

I have so many little poems and songs saved on my cellphone… but I have lost my courage to post.

It takes three parts bravery, two parts narcissism, and one part reckless abandon to post stuff on the internet.

Thumbs up to all the people with the guts to share their innermost struggles with everyone. Seriously, anyone could read this and know that it’s me. That it’s their neighbor, their friend, the woman that they just served coffee to…

It’s a lot to bare. I need to find that piece of recklessness to complete the equation once again.


(I’ve wanted to write this for a long time. Now you know what’s goin’ on)