Ottawa Photography

These are taken by the Kanata Seniors Centre Camera Club(KSCCC). The pictures are AMAZING! I would be privileged to even know these people. Check it out:

Fall colours Dunrobin Ontario_2 by Frank BohmMallard Ahead by Anne Jones-1


For Courage is the Thing of Things…

I have so many little poems and songs saved on my cellphone… but I have lost my courage to post.

It takes three parts bravery, two parts narcissism, and one part reckless abandon to post stuff on the internet.

Thumbs up to all the people with the guts to share their innermost struggles with everyone. Seriously, anyone could read this and know that it’s me. That it’s their neighbor, their friend, the woman that they just served coffee to…

It’s a lot to bare. I need to find that piece of recklessness to complete the equation once again.


(I’ve wanted to write this for a long time. Now you know what’s goin’ on)

I need Help Taking Photos without Glare

When there were but nine days until Christmas, but there was still no snow in this corner of Canada.  It should have been at least minus ten outside, but instead it was warm and raining. I could not believe that Christmas is was so close. I keep checking my (advent)calendar to reassure myself. Luckily,  I’d finished my shopping early this year (for once).

Now, with five days left, we’ve had our first snow! My dog is loving it, and so am I with my camera. The boisterous morning sun made it hard to photograph and see the screen on my digital camera. Any tips for taking pictures of snow and bright days without getting glare/flaring? (I had my camera on the pre-programmed snow setting to no avail.) Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to like and share with your skilled photographer friends, too.


A pretty sh*tty picture

The Abandoned Campus

A local college campus has recently been abandoned–awesome! It would make a great place to film a horror movie. I took some creepy pictures throughout the fall there! The pictures of turbines and cool machines at the beginning of the slideshow is a weather station.  When you hear the local temperature or precipitation amount(on the local news), the numbers are coming from there! Check it out:

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The Ring 3/5 Stars

I really do have to give everyone who had a hand in The Ring, well, a hand.  This thrilling horror movie was entertaining despite it’s blasé beginning.

The Ring starts with two teenaged girls watching TV and talking.  One of which has seen “The Tape.” It’s rumored that there’s a tape, and if you watch it, you’ll die in seven days. I know I rolled my eyes when I saw that part.

The music is mediocre, thanks to Hans Zimmer. The acting is good; not bad nor great.  The story itself is just a regular scary story; with creepy(and pasty) children and mentally ill mothers. If I were to give you one reason why you should watch The Ring, I’d say this: it’s a feast for the eyes.

Indeed, it’s greatest feature is the presumptuous Gothic cinematography. The Ring is even aware of it’s own try-hard art film nature. After seeing “The Tape” Noah(Martin Henderson) declares, “(it’s)Very student film.”  Even though some may think it’s a silly and earnest attempt at “art,” I liked it. The Ring is obviously not an art film, and it has no deeper meaning or “take away.” Can’t The Ring have it’s glowy green-and-red lens for the sake of beauty?

I did enjoy being a tad bit uneasy at parts, but the real pleasure was the moody shots of skies, trees, and creaking cottages. If you’re not one to appreciate these sorts of things, skip this one. Also, if you love horses, I’d keep my distance. For the rest of us wannabe art students: have at ‘er!

The Ring(2002) 3/5 stars

A Grave Art

On a whim, I stopped and took some quick photos in a local cemetery. It was interesting, but very windy outside. I had to cut the fun short before my fingers fell off!

There were lots of lovely flowers on a few headstones.  I think it’s nice that someone picked out those pretty flower arrangements… The cemetery has a few big, mature trees too. I would probably go back and spend more time trying to find the oldest/newest grave and get some nice pictures of the trees. I would go on a warmer, and less windy, day of course!

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Shroom Shots

As promised, here are some nature photos. If you know what any of the fungi pictured is, please tell me. I’ll update the descriptions and give you full credit for your help.  The round, apricot colored mushrooms look like crystallized ginger, don’t ya think?

If you want to use these photos, full credit must be given in the form of an acknowledgement that is easily visible where it is published.  I suggest wording it like this:”Photo courtesy of Green Muse at” You can use these photos for whatever you want, but I do want credit given where it’s due. You do not need permission for personal use(such as saving the picture on to your computer), only if it will be re-published(ie. on any website, in any print form like a newsletter).

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I think these turned out pretty well, considering my point-and-shoot camera from a billion years ago is currently on the fritz. The battery never lasts, so I’m always carrying around a couple extras! Also considering that I have absolutely no training whatsoever related to photography, I’m pretty proud of myself!