My Confession about Personal Ads

Missed Connections

  I don’t know why I keep reading the “missed connections” section on Kijiji(it’s like Craigslist, but 100% less sketchy).  I’m not even searching for someone, but I still keep reading.  I just like to imagine two strangers meeting again, when it was near impossible they would. The desperation, so tragic yet sweet(like some sappy romantic movie).

Yes, I am a hopeless sap, so hate me.


Websites You Didn’t Know You Needed


    “We take no responsibility for your poor, poor liver.”  Suggests an adult beverage based on the music you’re listening to.

  2.  Find payphones all over the world and call them up!
  3.  A minimalist webcomic for nerds and techies.
  4.  A webcomic about goths and their run-ins with poseurs.
  5.  Quotes. On clouds. What more could a girl ask for?

    Poseur Patrol

    Poseur Patrol by Merrily Duffy

  6.  A classic resource used by metalheads, but still a goodie.
  7.  My favorite site for all things DIY.
  8.  It’s a video game???


Have a link you think deserves to be on the list? Comment below!

My Top Tip for a Happy New Year

Pro-Tip: Saying something negative about how skinny or how little someone eats when they have an eating disorder doesn’t magically make them love themselves.

It seems most people have forgotten how feelings and sympathy work. Even if nobody says it, just the belief that “punishing” someone with an eating disorder by telling them they look scrawny will somehow “fix” the situation is a pretty damaging one. Imagine how embarrassed and ashamed that person feels when they hear a comment like,”ew, you look like a skeleton.”

Put yourself in his or her shoes. I’m sure if you were told you looked like a skeleton, you’d feel pretty hideous(did you see that oxymoron there?). If it were any other perceived flaw, people would see it as a form of bullying.  Having terrible acne comes to mind as a comparable state. Those mean comments that are sometimes excused as trying to be helpful is bullying in disguise.

Another oft forgotten thing is that this weight loss is the result of being sick.  Consider this; is it socially acceptable to put someone down because they’re missing a limb as a result of an illness, like cancer?  It goes without saying that that would be shunned immediately. Looking “skeleton-like” comes from emotional turmoil and low self-esteem. It comes from a realdiagnosable sickness.

Empathy is a good start. Next, you should realize that disordered eating is everywhere.  There are people you know who look “a little on the small side,” but not like the dramatic pictures you’ve seen on the Internet.  Disordered eating is different from an eating disorder. Men and women of all ages can have unhealthy relationships with food.  People of all sorts can hate themselves, too. Not all people with disordered eating are diagnosed, anorexic teen aged girls, as the stereotype is usually portrayed in popular media. The best policy is to be kind and nurturing. The old adage,”if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” applies here.

With all this in mind, the new year can be the year we eradicate this backwards thinking. I hope to see people call others out when this sort of behaviour takes place. Take care of yourselves, take care of each-other, and have a happy 2016.

Death, Rockstars, and the Bad Case of Insomnia

I’m an insomniac–I admit it. But you know it’s bad when you’re awake at 2:30am and you check the news after tossing and turning, only to find out that David Bowie is dead. David Bowie is dead.

There was a world before Bowie, and a world with Bowie. I’d never thought about a world after Bowie. Even though he’s stopped breathing, I believe it will be a long time before the world really is post-Bowie.

On a semi-related note, I wanted to just say that personally, I have worry that when my idols die, nobody will care. That is, no newspapers will run front-page in memoriam stories. How would I find out? Would my family/friends know, and we’d talk about it together? Or would I have to explain to them who my hero was? What would I tell them?  Would I talk about the songs they’ve written, their children and husbands/wives, maybe recount their falling out with badmates, dare mention their problems with drugs?

Just a little food for thought. What would you say in remembrance of a rockstar/idol? Is there a musician that you think will die without being celebrated? Talk about them in the comments, what you’d say about their life, etc.–even if they’re still alive!

What is Lying to YOU? [Poll]

Check off the box beside each statement you believe is true. Check as many boxes as you wish.

Canadian advisory panel says, “access to an early death shouldn’t be impeded by “arbitrary age limits””

If doctors have exhausted every last option, is it ethical to grant a child’s wish to die?

The 12-year-old boy lay flat and still in his hospital bed. The slightest movement made the breathlessness worse. He was physically wasting away from the cancer that began in one foot before spreading throughout his body, and he could no longer sit even propped up by pillows. He understood from the beginning his disease would kill… Read More

The Lowdown on Sexism

I don’t 100% agree with all of these generalizations, but the point that equality isn’t “misandry” or an attack on men is spot-on. Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one who is infuriated when hearing women call other women gold-diggers. 99% of the time that’s patently false and incredibly judgemental(not to mention hurtful and invalidating). All art by artist Rasenth. See more of their work here:

Why sexism is wrong:

This is a Teaching Moment

AAAAAAchoooooo! Man, this internet place is dusty. I’ve been scouring the web for (free)video games, and now I’m covered in cobwebs. It was totally worth it. These are not just any ol’ games, but ones that are educational. That’s Edutainment!

  1. Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Anyone can learn about the Socratic method via this Ace Attorney look-alike. Imagine debating the nature of morality with your fav dead philosophers–this is the basic concept of the game. Even the in-game “tutorial,” teaching you how to play the game, is a ridiculously funny conversation between a frazzled father and a deer-repellent salesman. Yes, deer repellent.
  2. Newgenics: Welcome to the Future A basic, clean intro to eugenics and the shapes it takes. I recommend this for kids as young as eight(and you’re never too old for schooling!) to spark interesting discussions about a murky subject.  Note: the handling is a bit crappy and the game doesn’t always respond as desired.
  3. Cellcraft Ahhh, Cellcraft. This goofy little game about platypi covers


    the basics of cells and organisms. The story is witty, has cute cartoonish graphics, and does a good job explaining the science behind the fun. Come on, kids, get your Golgi Body on!

  4. Parable of the Polygons Racism, in a cool interactive format on your computer! Yeah!

Tunnel vision: A brief look at near death experiences

Excuse me, I need to go sit and ponder about this now…


In 1964, the comic actor Peter Sellers had a series of eight rapid heart attacks after which his heart stopped beating and he was pronounced clinically dead. Thankfully, the doctor successfully brought Sellers back from the brink of death by vigorous heart massage. However, what is not so well known was that Sellers said that while all this was happening, he rose out of his body, and reached for a hand in a bright, loving light. As a result of his experience, Sellers claimed that he had lost his fear of death, had become more introspective, and had found tranquility in yoga. However, he still felt “lost” and would spend many discussions with the Reverend John Hester trying to “reconcile the world of plenty he inhabited with the emptiness of soul that oppressed him”.

Twenty years earlier, in 1944, the world-renowned psychiatrist and analytical therapist Carl Jung also had a…

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For Courage is the Thing of Things…

I have so many little poems and songs saved on my cellphone… but I have lost my courage to post.

It takes three parts bravery, two parts narcissism, and one part reckless abandon to post stuff on the internet.

Thumbs up to all the people with the guts to share their innermost struggles with everyone. Seriously, anyone could read this and know that it’s me. That it’s their neighbor, their friend, the woman that they just served coffee to…

It’s a lot to bare. I need to find that piece of recklessness to complete the equation once again.


(I’ve wanted to write this for a long time. Now you know what’s goin’ on)