A Wacky Dream and Uma Thurman

Last night I had a dream that I was on a stage, rehearsing for a performance. It was some kind of musical. I was playing a member of a team of heroes, the main characters of the production. When the curtain lifted, music played, and the chorus break-danced. Immediately, I skipped around, meeting the other heroes, and we jumped through a closet in the wall to another universe. In this other universe, we couldn’t sense time.  Everything was covered in blue shadow. We found ourselves in a wallpapered foyer with many narrow, crooked hallways calving from it. Through the close air I crusaded to the end of one hallway. Then I spat insults at a squat baby-faced thing. It’s head soon rolled off it’s neck, defeated.

This process of dancing, running into the pocket-universe, and slaying a beast was repeated over and over again in the dream.  Each time, I took a different route, quashing a different creature. How disturbing they were… What a strange dream!

If that ruined your good mood, here is a still of Uma Thurman coked out in Pulp Fiction. That’ll make everything better, surely!  Have a nice day!

My face when I realize nobody likes me at all.