Walmart, let’s get in touch!

Walmart should sell a “Confidence Kit” in the women’s undergarments section. The Confidence Kit includes: control-top tights, a push-up bra, mascara, and red-tinted cherry lip balm.

I could really use this after binging on that Tarte au Sucre last night.


Yes, I am Cheap

I love free samples, promotions, and sweepstakes!  Free stuff is awesome,


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especially if you’re a cheap-o like me! None of the links in this post are affiliate links or sponsored. I’m just sharing the goodies for everyone to enjoy!  Unfortunately, most of these will only work in Canada or the United States.  Sorry to all you guys in the rest of the world.

You will need:

  • A phone number
  • An email Address
  • An address and postal code
  • The Internet/a computer

Enter contests you see in magazines and on websites:

Complete promotions for free stuff or store credit:

Samples! All the samples!

Free Trials:

Free Tights for Everybody

I just received my free tights in the mail from Gothic Angel! SOOOOOOO EXCITEEEEED!  To get them, all I had to do was share a banner that links to their store somewhere on the web. The Pamela Mann tights are one size fits all, but luckily fit well. I would not recommend these tights to any tall woman or woman with large legs. I am not very tall and have average-size legs and these tights fit well, but if I were a size bigger I’m afraid they would be uncomfortable or break. This is just a note of warning, I don’t mean to criticize your lovely legs!  What I like about this deal is that I love clothes, I love (difficult to find)gothic clothing, and I also love saving money.  This checks all the boxes!

Another good thing is that I didn’t even pay for shipping.  Gothic Angel ships from the United Kingdom, but they sent me the tights across the pond for free!  It’s pretty great that I didn’t have to pay for shipping from the other side of the earth. As someone who is just now learning about all of the great goth clothes online, I want to build up my wardrobe without breaking the bank.  I know there are other people out there, so called “baby bats,” who are in this situation too.

 By the way, these are the tights I ordered.

 Get free tights like I did here:

This post is not sponsored and I am not affiliated with Gothic Angel!

Pamela Mann Side Tattoo Tights

Pamela Mann Side Tattoo Tights

Pamela Mann Side Tattoo Tights packaging.

Pamela Mann Side Tattoo Tights packaging.